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General Information

Is Local Tickets an Australian Company?

Yes. Local Tickets Pty Ltd is a 100% Australian owned and operated ticketing company.  Please note not all ticketing companies are Australian owned.

What can Local Tickets be used for?

You can sell tickets online for all types and size events.  We sell tickets online for events from 10 people to 20,000 people.  You can use our ticketing website to sell tickets to the following types of events:

  • Corporate events
  • Cocktail Parties
  • Balls and Gala Events
  • Seminars and training workshops
  • School formals
  • Reunions
  • Sporting events & registrations
  • Art and cultural events
  • Food and wine events
  • Festivals and music events
  • Social club functions

How much does it cost?

Our fees are cheap, flat and transparent and you only pay for the tickets you sell. Unsold tickets do not incur any fees.  The fees are determined by the ticket price to your event. Please refer to our Pricing Guide for further details.


What about free events?

From Monday 7th September 2015 all free events will incur zero ticketing fees.

Is the site secure?

All personal information is encrypted using SLL; credit card processing is carried out through a SecurePay gateway.  No credit card details are seen or kept by Local Tickets Pty Ltd. The site is hosted on its own server in the most secure data centre in Australia - The Amazon Data Centre


Ticket Purchasers

How do I get my ticket?

Easy just purchase your ticket online and hit the ‘Print Ticket’ button.  The ticket will also be automatically emailed to you as a PDF attachment that you can print. Make sure you look after your ticket and the email as there are no refunds on lost, stolen, misplaced or damaged tickets.  The beauty of this site is that you can reprint it from the emailed PDF; however each ticket number only admits one person unless otherwise specified by the Event Host/Promoter.

You can reprint your ticket at anytime by visiting the Reprint Ticket page and entering your mobile phone number.

If you have not received your ticket , please check your "junk mail folder", as in some instances it can be classed as spam. 

What if I have lost my ticket?

  1. Find a copy of the email that we sent you with your ticket attached and reprint it.
  2. If you can’t find this email go to the Reprint Ticket page.

Can I get a refund on my ticket?

At the time of purchasing your ticket, you will be presented with two sets of Terms and Conditions and it is imperative that you read both sets very carefully, especially in relation to ticket refunds.

The first set of Terms and Conditions are ours, Local Tickets Pty Ltd and our policy is without exception that we do not offer refunds.

The second set of Terms and Conditions are those of your Event Host/Promoter and it is as their discretion as to what Terms and Conditions they place on their event.  Their policies on Ticket Refunds will be clearly outlined at the time of purchase and listed on your ticket.  If they are going to accept a Ticket Refund and you qualify within their Terms and Conditions, then you must approach them as to receiving a refund.  Their details will be listed on your ticket for this purpose.

Can I buy a ticket for a friend?

Yes, you can purchase a ticket for a friend.  Each person listed on the ticket will have their own ticket.  The person purchasing the ticket will be sent all the tickets and it is their responsibility to issue their friends with the tickets and not our responsibility.

How secure is my personal information

We take your security and privacy seriously. All personal information is encrypted using SSL. No credit card details are kept or seen by Local Tickets Pty Ltd.  As part of our terms and conditions, your personal details will be made available to Local Tickets Pty Ltd to keep you updated as to upcoming events (you can unsubscribe at anytime) and to your Event Host in the form of an RSVP List.

What are the transaction costs?

The ticket purchaser will be charged a merchant fee and a per transaction fee in addition to the event ticket price.  The merchant fee is 2.9% of the total ticket price and the transaction fee is $1 per booking (not per ticket). 


Event Hosts/Promoters

What benefits do I get as an organiser?

Using the site makes it easy for people inside and outside of your community to know about your event and buy tickets to it.   It is the most convenient ‘call to action’ method for your customers to get tickets to your event and placing the logo on your event artwork will make your event look very professional.

The site will have you feeling like you are the ultimate events professional (even if you are a volunteer), with organised information about your event that you can see and print at your fingertips.  The website will keep you informed, promote your event, sell tickets and collect important information from your customers.

Our easy to use features include:

  • Members Login – you will be given a username and password so you can login at any time
  • A Dashboard – shows you an overview of your current events, including number of tickets sold to date.
  • Various Ticket Types – you can list as many different ticket types (one at a time) with their individual pricing and inclusions as you need.
  • Different Prices – you can have different prices for different ticket types. 
  • Multi Events – you can have as many events going as you like.
  • Credit Card processing – will be handled by Local Tickets Pty Ltd automatically so you won’t need to obtain your own merchant facilities or payment gateway.
  • Ticket Delivery – customers will automatically receive an E-Ticket by printing it at the time of purchase and by email.
  • Ticket Sales – know in an instant how many tickets you allocated to sell, how many have sold, how many are left to sell and what revenue you have made to date.
  • Special needs – when setting up your event you can request information such as dietary requirements and disabled needs and receive the information as a report.
  • Terms and Conditions – upload your own, or use our pre-made ones to choose your terms and conditions for the event such as refunds, dress standards, children etc.
  • RSVP List – print an RSVP list of people who have purchased tickets at any time
  • Database – each event will generate its own database of ticket buyers for your marketing use
  • Marketing Intelligence – when you are setting up your event you can request information from ticket buyers as to how they heard about your event, or what organisation they are from, etc this information can elevate your marketing success.
  • Manual payments – simply logon and process the payment on their behalf and send them the ticket via email or print out for them.
  • QR Coding Scanning - a unique code we have devised which can be printed on your tickets for extra security.

How can I create my first event on Local Tickets?

Click here

How do I register to use the website?

Click here

How will I receive the revenue from my ticket sales?

At the time of Event Registration you will provide us with your bank account details so we know where to deposit the money.  The revenue from your ticket sales will be transferred into your nominated bank account the next business working day after your event date, less the Per Ticket Sold Fee and any other associated costs relating to the Event eg. Hire of scanners, advertising, marketing tools. In some instances it can take up to 48 hours for your funds to be cleared.  A Tax Invoice and Statement of Account will be provided

How can people pay for their tickets?

  1. Visa Card
  2. Master Card

How many events can I run at the same time?

You can run as many events as you like at any one time. 

What if my event will be selling more than one ticket type?

Local Tickets Pty Ltd allows you to have numerous ticket types with different pricing for each individual event e.g. Table Seating, General Admission, Premium and you can always make up your own ticket type name.

How will my ticket buyers receive tickets?

When a customer purchases online with Local Tickets Pty Ltd they are able to immediately print off their E-Ticket and a copy will be emailed directly to them.

What are the options for processing tickets upon arrival at my event?

  1. Ticket Holder to present ticket upon arrival
  2. Ticket Holder to present ticket upon arrival and cross-check name on RSVP List
  3. Ticket Holder to present ticket upon arrival and show Government Issued Photo ID
  4. Ticket Holder to present ticket upon arrival and the ticket to be scanned by our special Bar Code Reader to validate the authenticity of the ticket (recommended for larger events) using your own iOS Device

How will my clients find my event on the site?

  1. It may be displayed as a feature event under the ‘Upcoming Events’ section on the home page
  2. Each event has its own Event Ticketing Page and unique URL that you can link directly to
  3. It will be found in the ‘Upcoming Events’ section on the home page by looking through the list of events or via the calendar for the month and/or exact date
  4. People can search for your event by typing in a key word into the site search section on the home page
  5. People can find your event by going to the ‘Buy Tickets’ page and looking for your event

What do I need to do when my event has taken place?

 Your event will automatically be removed from the site at midnight the day of your event.  But importantly - once your event has taken place you need to log onto your Dashboard and hit "Event Payment".  An email will then be generated to our accounts department and the finalisation of your event will take place and your ticket sales balance revenue will automatically be transferred to you, less any chargebacks which will be personally discussed with you if the concern is raised.

How do I advertise on the site?

Advertising on the site is incredibly cheap - $250 per month.   The benefit of this advertising is that it will provide your event with great exposure amongst your key target market.  We only have two spots available per page, so contact us as soon as you can. Just complete the Contact Us form for or email us at letting us know which region your event is in and some event details.



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